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Patient Housing

Eastern Oregon Cancer Network is pleased to offer housing free of charge to patients undergoing cancer treatment in the Pendleton, Oregon area. For cancer patients traveling to Pendleton, finding affordable, comfortable housing during their treatments has been a challenge. Now, there’s an option available to make those patients feel just a little more at home in Pendleton.

Call (541) 304-2264 to check availability.


The patient house is wonderful.  Service is fantastic.  Dr. Choe, Holly, Andy & Amy are wonderful.  I couldn’t ask for any better.  EOCN gave me a place to stay and live for 6 weeks


The patient house offers a lot of privacy, clean, very comfortable and animals are allowed.  Some people need their pets so that’s awesome


Without the house available through the EOCN I wouldn’t be able to get radiation treatments.  I can’t drive back and forth and I couldn’t afford a hotel so if it weren’t for this house, I wouldn’t have been able to be treated.

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