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How Your Support Can Make a Difference

Whether you support EOCN through attending events or making regular donations, your contributions has a profound impact on the lives of cancer patients. In this blog post, we'll explore how your support helps patients undergoing radiation treatment and the crucial role it plays in easing their journey.

Patients undergoing radiation treatment typically require 6-8 weeks of treatment, five days a week. In addition to battling illness, these patients often face the challenge of commuting from surrounding counties every day and finding suitable lodging. This is where your support makes a tremendous difference. By donating to the EOCN and contributing to the upkeep of the patient house, you provide a comforting and convenient place for patients to stay during their treatment.

Your generosity extends beyond providing a residence. Any remaining funds are utilized to directly assist patients in need, such as offering gas cards to help with transportation expenses. This ensures that patients can focus on their recovery without the added burden of financial strain.

"Having a residence to stay during treatment was a tremendous relief. Not having to make the long drive back and forth to La Grande for 45 days saved me time, expenses, and reduced the pressure I felt. I am incredibly grateful to the Eastern Oregon Cancer Network for their generous donations that make the patient house available. They have instilled in me a sincere feeling of hope. Thank you all for what you have done and continue to do for me."

"Without the patient house provided by the EOCN, I wouldn't have been able to receive radiation treatments. The daily commute and the cost of a hotel were simply beyond my means. Thanks to the patient house, I now have access to the treatment I need."

"When treatment discussion began, the reality of undergoing radiation five days a week hit us hard. The financial aspect of 'How are we going to afford this?' loomed over us. Living 1.5 hours away from the center, taking care of my grandchild, and working an evening job to make ends meet made it even more challenging. EOCN offered the patient house, but with my current obligations, I couldn't accept. Thankfully, I received approval for weekly gas vouchers, which alleviated the worry of transportation. My wife and I are incredibly grateful as this was an answer to our prayers. Thank you, EOCN!"

Your support is crucial in providing cancer patients with the necessary resources and support during their treatment journey. By donating to the EOCN, you make a tangible difference in their lives. Join us in making a positive impact and supporting patients on their path to recovery.

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