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An Update from EOCN

Eastern Oregon Cancer Network, EOCN, is ready to make some important updates regarding our patient house. These updates for EOCN are possible thanks to local businesses’ support, such as the Chamber of Commerce, LL Bevington, the Grocery Outlet, the Pendleton Round-Up, and community members. We want to take this time to share how you are helping EOCN move forward in helping more cancer patients in your community.

The mission of Eastern Oregon Cancer Network is to improve access to care and services and to provide support and resources to cancer patients and survivors in the communities of Eastern Oregon during and after cancer treatment. One service our patients receive is access to a private residence during their care period. The patient house helped save patients and their families $35,000 in lodging expenses and 267 nights spend in the house in the past year! While the current patient house helps several families, some could not utilize this resource because of mobility issues. Patients spoke, and we listened. A new patient home is on the way!

Yes, that’s right, Eastern Oregon Cancer Network is BUILDING a new patient house! We have already purchased the lot to start building on.

The new home will be more handicap accessible and a more permanent solution for the community, with additional features of more oversized bedrooms and bathrooms for ease of mobility within the rooms. In addition, there will be private seating areas in each room. Currently, the organization has raised $70,000 in thanks to the generosity of clients and the community! Additional funding is EOCN receiving 100% of the Tough Enough To Wear Pink’s Round-Up change, so be sure to round-up at your local grocery stores. For more information about how you can help by rounding-up change, click the link below to listen to Thursday’s KUMA Coffee Hour with Trip L. from EOCN as a guest speaker.!AulKYRMIdQlygqVbhQiAJsWda9bYjQ?e=cUNAiz

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